Box & Drums Sales

Speedlink drums and boxes are made of high quality materials and it’s known for it’s good packaging system.

At Speedlink, we provide a high level of service dedicated to fulfilling all your International shipping requirements.

We aim not only to give you the cheapest and unbeatable prices for your shipping boxes,



For shipments that contain boxes or stackable pieces

  • Ensure cartons are new and of proper strength to withstand stacking
  • Securely close, staple and/or seal cartons
  • Protect product from internal vibration with proper amounts of dunnage within cartons; leave no void areas/spaces between product or on top of carton
  • Affix labels, with complete address information for the shipper and the consignee, to each piece
  • Align boxes in columns, corner to corner, for the greatest stacking strength
  • Avoid interlocking or rotating layer patterns
  • Do not align corners over the spaces between pallet deck boards
  • Boxes should not extend past the pallet edges
  • Do not pyramid the boxes; keep the top layer flat to prevent damage from top loads
  • Use a slip sheet under the load and every third layer when possible to help distribute the weight evenly and protect the bottom layer


Use strapping or banding to secure your shipment to the pallet, and stretch wrap (use a minimum of 60 gauge, five revolutions recommended) to prevent pieces from getting lost or separated from the load.


Stretch wrapping is an effective way to keep all pieces of a shipment together. The plastic stretch wrap should first be applied around the pallet and continued upward around the load.
Must be tight to prevent load shifting 

  • Capture the pallet when wrapping bottom layer
  • Can be twisted like rope for greater strength